Autonetic Afterlife

Bio: Lazermortis is a full time funeral director and embalmer by day and an 80’s inspired
synthwave/outrun artist by night. Hailing from Atlantic Canada, Lazer released her debut album
Backseat Demons on June 30, 2020, which has achieved over 70K streams on Spotify with her standout
track Below The Sunrise! 

Her brand new EP is a marriage between her career and her passion for synthwave, exploring how artificial intelligence might perceive death and the afterlife. Autonetic Afterlife was released July 31, 2021, and is graciously funded in part by Music NB’s MID Grant Program!

Concept: Autonetic Afterlife is Lazer’s imagining of what an afterlife might look like to artificial intelligence. Rebirth tells the story of a rogue sentient android running for her life in a post-apocalyptic world, only to be cornered by authorities and terminated. It is then that her artificial soul is ejected from her body and thrusted into the afterlife. 

Cybernetic Surfer follows with a slower and childlike pace where a lonely bot is on a contemplative stroll. The beautiful outdoors awakens a sense of emotion in it, so vividly much so it doesn’t realize it’s battery has reached critical failure levels. As it dies, synapses fire and cause hallucinations resembling waves of electricity until it fades away to nothingness. 

Crossing Over depicts a utopian fall from grace. An artificial spirit arrives in paradise for a brief moment, and as it is judged, is sent to purgatory for sinning with sentience. It travels aimlessly until it a gate appears. The world begins to fade into flashing emergency lights as the artificial spirit finds its body attached to several wires. It re-enters and slowly begins to wake, being born again and losing its sentience in the process. 

Autonetic Highway tells the story of a fast rolling android who is addicted to thrill seeking and dangerous behaviour. His carelessness while driving one night sees him crash and at the toll of the bell he succumbs to his injuries. We witness however that his soul continues to seek thrills, shredding the roads in the afterlife like a ghost trapped in a memory. 

Finally, Afterlife portrays a dark vision of artificial Hell, crawling in misery and evil. The souls swirling in the murky waters of the river Styx swim endlessly, we are filled with dread and are lost in the afterlife, never to escape.


Cover Art by Sam Todhunter Art

Mixing and mastering of Crossing Over by Nick Fowler, as well as full album master and audio engineering 

Video adaptation of Crossing Over by JonBob Creative who takes his own imagination and interpretation to Crossing Over, which was released September 5, 2021. See it here!